With the development of the COVID-19 coronavirus creating unprecedented events all over the world,  we as Canadians are now starting to see it impacting not only the economy but also our daily lives.  As the government prepares for what’s ahead with restrictions and isolation recommended, and full expectations that the next state with quarantine and shut downs is not too far away.   The question on many peoples minds is, “How am I supposed to work on my mortgage needs when I’m not allowed to go to the business or meet the person and I’m restricted to staying home.” 

Face-to-face meetings and in-person interactions are common practices for real estate, mortgage financing and most financial transactions.   This will now change instantly to remotely and virtually.

We have done extensive research in the lending market and have already identified all current lenders that will allow us to use electronic signatures for documentation.  We have also advised those lenders who are not currently allowing that to urgently take that into consideration with the rapidly changing environment.  

You need to know that we have access to all those lenders as well as systems already in practice and in place – to be able to serve our clients remotely, so that you do not have to leave your home or meet with us in person to get the best mortgage.  As long as you have a phone and online access, or if you are old school – phone and fax, we are able to help you get the best options, best results, the best deals and lowest rates for your mortgage financing needs.  We can also do virtual meetings with iChat, Zoom or Skype as per your preference.

These are extraordinary times and as a society, we are in uncharted territory.   It’s crucial that we continue to stay calm and work together to keep our families, clients and communities safe.  Follow the direction of your local health unit and the government to help flatten the curve of transmission so that our health care system can function well to help those who get sick with serious symptoms.

I’ll include in the text below links to our municipal, provincial and federal agencies, as well as other helpful links to keep you updated on facts.

We are always here to help.  Reach out to us.

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